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Can I set up my camera anywhere?

Before setting up a camera, you are strongly advised to check the laws on camera surveillance in your country, state or region.

Where does my recorded video go?

All your recorded data is stored in a high-security level I facility, the same type of facility that banks use to store their records.

How can I playback my recorded video?

You are able to view your video through any computer connected to any high-speed connection. If you want a copy of a recording all you need to do is check off the time and day that you require and it will automatically download to the desktop of the computer you are working from.

Do I have to pay any extra for software upgrades?

We do not charge for any software upgrades that pertain to the operation of the cameras as well as the software we use to record your video.

Is it very hard to install my camera?

It is not hard at all. Our cameras are strictly plug and play if you were going to plug it directly into your high-speed modem. If you are buying one of our wireless cameras we have step-by-step online instructions.

How long is a warranty on my camera?

Most of the cameras we sell come with a three-year factory warranty.

The IT policy at my workplace won’t let me install ActiveX components - what can I do?

Click on Settings > Viewer method, where you can choose from among several different viewing methods, including: AMC ActiveX, Java applet, Javascript etc. Try the different combinations to find the one that best suits your purpose. You will get the best frame rate with the combinations: Internet Explorer +AMC ActiveX, and Firefox/Mozilla + Server Push.

What if there is a problem with the installation of my cameras?

We are always available by phone or e-mail. There will also be step-by-step instructions on our website.

How many cameras can I have on my system?

For example we have clients that have eight cameras being operated on a DSL line. Depending upon the high-speed connection it can be limitless. There is no technical limit on the number of cameras one may have on an account.

How much will it cost me to store my video on your servers?

It depends upon how long you want us to store the video. Also our off-site surveillance systems radically reduce the upfront costs of installing and maintaining a surveillance system.

What if I move to another house or even another part of the country?

Your cameras will still connect to our servers and start recording as though you never moved.

Do I need to configure port forwarding on my router?

No. Unlike most solutions for viewing network cameras over the internet, there is no need for port forwarding as the All American Surveillance Service handles all traffic to and from your camera.

How many cameras can I view on one page?

How big is your monitor? While there are no theoretical limits from our side regarding the number of cameras one can view on a page, there may be practical limits on the users end. One's web browser may not be running on a computer with sufficient resources to display a large number of cameras simultaneously. Or one's internet bandwidth may limit the performance of many-camera views. However, the user can create as many different custom views as desired. For example, one view might display a business owner's four storefront cameras, while another view displays the stockroom, office, and rear entrance.

My wireless router has a tendency to be unreliable; does this mean my surveillance will be unreliable as well?

Even if your wireless router routinely drops connections,the cameras on the All American Surveillance solution will automatically reconnect to the servers as soon as the connection is reestablished. If a router freezes and all network traffic is blocked, then the system will not work until you restart the router. In either case, if you have configured your account to receive notification when a camera is unreachable, you will be made aware of the situation.

Will All Americans Hosted Service work with a dial-up internet connection?

No. The service requires a broadband "always on connection.

Can I log into my account from multiple locations simultaneously?

If your account includes Guest accounts, then you may log in under more than one account to view your cameras or manage the system from more than one location at a time. Only one person can be logged in to a single account at one time.

The orange light on my Camera is flashing, what does this mean?

This means either that the camera has not received an IP address or that it cannot make a connection to the internet. Check the network cable and restart the camera.

How do I register another camera in my account?

Once you have created your account and registered your first camera, connect the new camera to the network and power it up. Then log into your account and click on Settings > Add new camera. Enter the new camera's serial number and owner authentication key.

What is the longest network cable I should use to connect my camera?

The cable length should not exceed 100 meters (330 feet).

What is the operating range for a wireless Axis STS camera?

The wireless standards 802.11g/b as used by wireless Axis STS cameras give a theoretical operating range of 100 meters (330 feet), although in practice this is usually reduced somewhat, by walls and other building structures. Giving a little thought to the placement of the wireless access point, however, should give full coverage in most homes.

Can I use any browser to see the camera's images?

You can use Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7, both of which require the use of an "ActiveX component" to show live video. The first time you connect to the camera you will be asked if you want to install this. You can also use Fire fox and Safari on a Macintosh.

Can I see my cameras from an Internet cafe?

This shouldn't be a problem, but note that you might not be able to use AMC ActiveX to see the video stream. In this case, select another viewer method.

Does the service work on a PDA?

It does on some PDA models, but most of these can only display still images, and not video.

What do I need to see my cameras in my mobile phone?

You need a connection to the Internet, via 3G or GPRS. If you don't know the required phone settings, please contact your phone operator.

Can I see moving images on my phone?

If your phone has a modern media player (3 GPP) and your operator allows RTSP traffic, then this should work fine. If your phone supports WAP, then you will be able to see still images. Several Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones have been tested with the STS Service, with good results. Note that some Blackberry devices and phones based on Windows Mobile (e.g. QTEK and HTC) might not display moving images.

Can I connect my camera via a 3G router?

Yes, as long the router supports Ethernet and doesn't require any special type of login. Note that this type of connection is not supported, and also that it can be hard to control the am.

The camera is accessible from the Internet but not on my local network. Why?

This is intentional. Since there is no need for you to access it locally, we have decided to increase security and reduce maintenance by only allowing management via the All American surveillance Subscription Service.

What does your system include?

- Secure off site Recording
- Automatic software Updates
- Easy to Install
- Internet Access from Anywhere in the world
- 3 year factory Warranty

What does it cost to see images on my mobile phone?

This depends on what your phone operator charges for data traffic. An image sent to a mobile phone is approximately 5 KB. Viewing moving images will require more bandwidth, approximately 8 Kbps. Note that when using your mobile phone abroad (roaming) it can sometimes turn out to be very expensive to view images this way. You are advised to check up on these phone charges before leaving on your trip.

How do I remove motion detection?

Click on Settings and then select the required camera. Click on the link to activation times and then modify or delete the activation times for motion detection.


The IT policy at my workplace won't let me install ActiveX components - what can I do?

Click on Settings > Viewer method, where you can choose from among several different viewing methods, including; AMC ActiveX, Java applet, Javascript etc. Try the different combinations to find the one that best suits your purpose. You will get the best frame rate with the combinations Internet Explorer + AMC ActiveX, and Firefox/Mozilla + Server Push.

Why don't I get any alarms from my motion detection?

Have you set the activation times? When you select motion detection it is also possible to set the times at which it will be active. Click the link provided to set up activation times.

Why do I get a lot of false alarms from my camera?

Detected motion can sometimes be caused by shadows, car headlights, animals, etc. This is normal behavior, but you may need to adjust the detection area and the sensitivity level to reduce the amount of triggers.

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With All American Surveillance there is no need for a middle man or any additional equipment, such as Digital Video Recorder (DVR), instead you simply custom build a package exclusively for you and plug your camera into a standard power-outlet and let the camera software do the rest.